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A bra that fits you properly is very comfortable to wear and does wonders for your overall look. It can accentuate, perk, lift, maximise and minimise - all you have to do is find the size that fits you best.

We have taken the guess work out of sizing, and you may notice that on some products our sales tags are different to the actual tag on the product. This is because we have converted the American or European sizing into the Australian size on the website and the items already.

To assist with finding your size we have listed below several tables and guides on how to find the perfect fit.

Just a note that our mannequin we have used in stock shots is an Australian size 16 and 170cm tall.

This is a general rule on how to measure yourself to find the best bra size for you. Please use a soft tape measure (measure in inches) and wear your current best fit bra that isn't a sports bra, padded or a minimiser. 

Did you know that most of the bra support comes from the band itself and not the straps! 

Step 1 - How to measure your band size
Stand tall (best to measure yourself in front of the mirror) and place the tape meaure snug and horizontally across your bra directly underneath your bust (band should sit on your ribcage). If the measurement is in between a size (eg 37.5 inches ) always round up to the nearest full number. This measurement will be your band size eg, 38 inches = size 16.

38 inches = size 16    40 inches = size 18   
42 inches = size 20    44 inches = size 22   
46 inches = size 24    48 inches = size 26   
50 inches = size 28    52 inches = size 30

Step 2 - How to measure your cup size
Wrap the tape measure around the centre of your bust, which is usually across the nipples or just above, eg 44 inches. Subtract your band measurement from the cup measurement and the difference in measurement will be your cup size.  Therefore my size is : 38 inches (step 1 measurement) - 44 inches (step 2 measurement) = 6 inches = E cup
Our guide below lists the difference in inches to gauge your cup size.

DIFFERENCE (inches)        CUP SIZE
0 - 1/2                                       AA
1/2 - 1                                       A
2                                                B
3                                                C
4                                                D
5                                                DD
6                                                E
7                                                F
8                                                FF
9                                                G
10                                              H

You need to determine if you are shopping for a maternity bra (generally from about 8 weeks into you pregnancy) or a nursing bra (from about 36 weeks).

To measure for your maternity/nursing bra is exactly the same as measuring for a bra. Please follow the simple two step process just above in the "BRA" paragraph. Whilst measuring for your bra, place your hand in the cup of the bra to ensure you have enough room to place breast pads. 

During your pregnancy your ribcage will expand, so for absolute comfort please fasten your bra on the last row of hooks. The weeks/months following the birth of your baby, you can tighten across each row as your ribcage reduces back to it's pre-pregnancy size.

In the first weeks of breastfeeding you will probably notice the biggest changes in your breast size, sometimes by even several cup sizes. Please do not try to "squeeze" your fuller breasts into a bra that is too snug. Added pressure or tightness on lactating breasts can cause plugged ducts. 

Let's be honest...comfy undies make us happy as we aren't digging them out or counting down the hours til we can change out of them! Here is a handy guide on how to measure yourself to get the best idea on your size, as for hygienic reasons underwear is non refundable, unless there is a manufacturing fault.

Waist Measurement
Measure your waist around the natural indentation or break in your waist. If you aren't sure, just bend to the side and the crease is your waist location.

Hip Measurement
Measure the fullest part of your hips making sure the tape measure remains parallel to the floor.

If your measurements fall between sizes, choose the next size up.

Waist(inches)                 Hip (inches)                Underwear Size (3 size options)
31-34                                42-45                            16  XL    8
35-38                                46-49                            18  2XL  9
39-41                                50-53                            20  3XL  10
42-44                                54-56                            22  4XL  11
45-48                                57-58                            24  5XL  12
49-50                                59-62                            26  6XL  13

If purchasing JMS Hi Cut 2pk briefs or FOTL Microfibre 2pk briefs, please use the guide below.
Panty Size                     Hips (inches)                  Dress Size
9                                      45-46.5                            16
10                                    47-48.5                            18/20
11                                    49-51.5                            22/24
12                                    52-55.5                            26/28
13                                    56-59.5                            30/32

If you have any questions about sizing, please do not hesitate to contact us directly at sales@cherryblossomintimates.com.au. We will respond to your email within 48 hours.

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