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About Us

The concept for Cherry Blossom Intimates bloomed in August 2010. Whilst holidaying in the USA, we were relishing in the opportunity to buy comfortable, feminine and affordable bras. Yes, we did stock up ( as a girl does )  and came home determined to share the joy with fellow "big bosomed Blossoms" of Australia!

As  "big bosomed Blossoms" we were fed up with paying $100+ for a comfortable bra and it wasn't the most prettiest of bras either, not to mention the matching brief to cost $50+ as well. Pretty maternity bra .... forget about it - a mission impossible. Funky cheap undies....doesn't mean we only want black, white or nude!

Why should we have to pay more because we are blessed with killer curves? At Cherry Blossom Intimates, we will continually source manufacturers and suppliers that embrace our mission to provide fellow "big bosomed Blossoms" of Australia with intimate apparel they deserve; comfortable, feminine and affordable.

We hope you too relish in shopping at Cherry Blossom Intimates.

PS - If you are smaller in size and would love to purchase any item, please email us at sales@cherryblossomintimates.com.au and we will endeavour to order in your size.
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